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Monday, April 6, 2009


Objective [this will become the "about" page]:

This project is meant to take the best from and
  • is a well written, beautiful web site that details things from a user perspective. Its intelligent, interesting, and has brought some amazing software to my computer.
  • has almost a thousand titles users can download and modify to work portably.

This project is meant to fix what's missing from freewaregenius and portablefreeware because:
  1. Freewaregenious doesn't address users who don't really want to install tons of software on their systems and use either registry cleaners later or some kind of clean system mechanism (like VMWare's system snapshot tool). Also, sometimes who would use a software most effectively isn't clear. Is this for developers? Software designers? Are there other titles that do similar things and may do it better?
  2. doesn't address that every tool has 100s of uses. It gives a brief breakdown on the software and points out some possible uses, then lets users comment on it or move the discussion into its forums section. Customization and detailed usage methods are infrequent there. Some of the tools -- especially Winamp -- require quite a bit of user work to get the software to behave portably. Average users will not go through this process.
  3. Niether site gives the user the opportunity to download every item they review in one large archive.
Despite these problems, it would be hugely difficult for my site to duplicate the marvelous user base and collaboration that portablefreeware has set up over time or the clean, beautiful interface and intelligent writing of freewaregenius.

However, having already created the Kitchen Sink Portable Freeware Collection, I've already done much of the work for users. Simplicity is my site's selling point.

I need to thank my friend Leo for giving me the idea to do this. I think there's a real need for a site like this and I hope it will take off. Its the obvious next step or the Kitchen Sink Project.

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